We discuss about the midterm question and together with the 50 questions correct than 150 questions,at the class Iam so confused,at the class  we only discuss the type B, which is multiple choice and error analysis, the result of the midterm test is ugly and miss sloria told us to study this matter better in the UAS later, and the last the model test type B was sent in email ilearning, milis sloria@ilearning.

I Hope at UAS i have the big score and My english ipk is great too, so i will study very hard and don’t give up to myself


About Narendra REFI

Assalamualaikum wr wb... Hello, My name is Narendra Refi Nelfiyandi,,you can call me Refi,, Iam sixeen years old,, and I lived in Mustika tigaraksa block C32/36.. My hobby's are football,futsal,badminton and get in to the heaven.. :D I am study at STMIK RAHARJA, I am study in here because with the tecnology and the methode of teaching,, because I think STMIK RAHARJA is GOOD and very quality.. :D

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