Today on english For IT II I learned a lot about United States Census Bureau and the following is a summary of the material I’ve learned : The fact that most Americans live in urban areas does not mean that they are in the middle of a big city. The Census Bureau considers that an area of more than 2500 people as urban areas, and does not consider the boundaries of cities and suburbs. According to the Bureau, the political boundaries are less significant than the social and economic relations and transportation and communication systems thatintegrate locale. The term used by the Bureau for a unified metropolis is MSA, which stands for Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

At this time, the Bureau reported more than 280 MSAs, which together reach 75 percent of the U.S. population. One of the most obvious megapolises including chain of hundreds of cities and suburbs across the state on the East Coast from Massachusetts to Virginia, including Boston, New York, and Washington, DC In the East Corridor, as it is called, a population of 45 million residents are concentrated. Another fast-growing megalopolis is the California coast from San Francisco via Los Angeles to San Diego.


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Assalamualaikum wr wb... Hello, My name is Narendra Refi Nelfiyandi,,you can call me Refi,, Iam sixeen years old,, and I lived in Mustika tigaraksa block C32/36.. My hobby's are football,futsal,badminton and get in to the heaven.. :D I am study at STMIK RAHARJA, I am study in here because with the tecnology and the methode of teaching,, because I think STMIK RAHARJA is GOOD and very quality.. :D

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