On Monday, as usual I went to college and study courses English For IT II, and on this occasion I learned about Influenza???, and the following is a summary :Influenza virus is a single molecule that consists of millions of individual atoms. Although the bacteria can be considered a type of plant, secreting toxic substances into the body of the organism they invade, viruses, like influenza virus, is a living organism itself. We may consider them ordinary chemical molecules, but on other hand, we also have to consider them as living because they are able to breed in limited numbers.

An attack that is caused by the influenza virus in the body produces temporary immunity, but, unfortunately, is protection against only the type of virus that causes influenza. Because the disease can be produced by one of three types, referred to as A, B, or C, and many varieties within each type, finally, because the virus can periodically change the characteristics, problems mutations makes it difficult to carry out a successful immunization program. Vaccines are not effective against the new strain developing.


About Narendra REFI

Assalamualaikum wr wb... Hello, My name is Narendra Refi Nelfiyandi,,you can call me Refi,, Iam sixeen years old,, and I lived in Mustika tigaraksa block C32/36.. My hobby's are football,futsal,badminton and get in to the heaven.. :D I am study at STMIK RAHARJA, I am study in here because with the tecnology and the methode of teaching,, because I think STMIK RAHARJA is GOOD and very quality.. :D

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