1.Which of the following is the main topic of the passage?


B.The Richter scale

C.Charles F. Richter



2.According to information in the passage, what does the Richter scale record?

A. The distance from the epicenter

B. The amplitude of the largest trace

C. The degree of damage

D.The location of the epicenter


3.The word standard in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by?

A. reliable

B. complex

C. conventional

D. abandoned


4.What is the value of the tables?

A. They allow us to interpret the magnitude of earthquakes

B. They help us to calculate our distance from earthquakes

C. They record all earthquakes

D. They release the energy of earthquakes


5.How does each number on the Richter scale compare?

A. Each number is one hundred times as strong as the previous number

B. Each magnitude is ten times stronger than the previous magnitude

C. The strength of each magnitude is one less than the previous magnitude

D. The scale decreases by five or six for each number


6.What does the author means by the statement :

Because the effects of such shaking dissipate with distance from the epicenter of the earthquake, the Mercalli rating depends on the site of the measurement?

A. The Mercalli rating will vary depending on the location of the measurement

B. The results of the Mercalli rating are less accurate at greater distances from the epicenter

C. The stronger shaking of the earthquake at the center is not detected by the Mercalli rating

D. The Mercalli rating is useful because it is taken farther away from the center of the earthquake


7.The word undetected in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to?

A. with no damage

B. with no notice

C. with no name

D. with no problem


8.With which of the following statements would the author most probably agree?

A. Only the Richter scale describes earthquakes in quantitative terms

B. Both the Richter scale and the Mercalli Scale measure earthquakes in the same way

C. Most earthquakes are measurable on either the Richter or the Mercalli scale

D. The Mercalli and the Richter scales are different but they can be compared


9.The passage discusses all of the following in the explanation of the Richter scale EXCEPT?

A. It was introduced in 1935

B. It was developed by an American seismologist

C. It has a scale of 1 to 12

D. It measures the magnitude of earthquakes


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