Basic Parts of an Insect

The body of a InsectThere three basic parts to an insect – head, thorax (midsection) and abdomen (the ball is usually seen in many insects).

Insect’s head is where the parts are the main receptors. Typically, you will find the eyes, the mouth is a mouth and the bite (which also serves to guide the food into the mouth), and a pair of antennas, which is a sensory organ that allows the insect to use smell, taste, touch and ‘listen’ capability. Insect head is the most powerful part of the body and is built of plates connecting several. Eyes of insects known as meaning ‘compound eyes’ that they are composed of smaller eyes work in unison.

Thoracic, or mid-section, usually holding the wings (if the insect can fly), usually two pairs (for a total of 4 wings) and 3 sets of legs (for a total of 6 feet). Dada is also a central location of the stronger muscles used in the operation of the wings and legs of insects. Most of the insect wing setup with thickened blood vessel support structure. The pattern of blood vessels varies from insect insects. Foot-tips will usually contain insect sticky pads, hooks or suckers of some kind that allows the inset to attach to various types of surfaces or buckle to the prey.

The abdomen, the last and perhaps the best known, part of the insect. Body parts that keep the digestive system of insects, the reproductive organs and organ sting (if any). The stomach is the reactive part of the insect’s body, meaning that it can expand when the insects feed.

Insects that do not mature as a human body does. Insect’s body should be ‘bare’ or changing skin in a bid to grow. When the insect has shed the old skin, then take the air or water into the new skin to ‘blow’ it to the new size. This must be done before the exoskeleton hardens again, or insects will not grow into the new larger size. Some insects have been know to change the skin of more than 20 times in their lives, but the process is terminated when the insect has reached maturity in the adult stage.


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