1. What is this passage mainly about?  
A.  The evolution of the horse
B.  The migration of horses
C.  The modern-day pony 
D.  The replacement of the anchitheres by the hipparion
2. According to the author, fossils are considered valuable for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
A.  they suggest how the climate may have been 
B.  they provide information about migration
C.  they document the evolution of the horse
D.  they maintain a record of life prior to the Miocene Age
3. The word instigated in paragraph 1 could best be replaced by
A. explained
B. caused
C. improved
D. Influenced

4. What does the author mean by the statement Geologists believe that the first horses appeared on Earth about sixty million years ago as compared with two million years ago for the appearance of human beings?
A.  Horses appeared long before human beings according to the theories of geologists.
B.  Both horses and human beings appeared several million years ago, if we believe geologists.
C.  The geological records for the appearance of horses and human beings are not very accurate. 
D.  Horses and human beings cannot be compared by geologists because they    appeared too long ago.
5. Which of the following conclusions may be made on the basis of information in the passage? 
A. The hipparions migrated to Europe to feed in developing grasslands.
B.  There are no fossil remains of either the anchitheres  or the hipparion.
C. There were horses in North America when the first European colonists arrived.
D.  Very little is known about the evolution of the horse.

6. The word extinct in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to
A.   familiar
B.   widespread
C.   nonexistent
D.   tame 

7. It can be concluded from this passage that the 
A. Miocene Period was prior to the Pleistocene
B.   Pleistocene Period was prior to the Miocene 
C.   Pleistocene Period was prior to the Pliocene 
D.   Pliocene Period was prior to Miocene


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